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   gnokii 0.6.30 by Pawel Kot on 2011-01-23
After 9 months the next gnokii release is out. Among other fixes and enhancements it is worth noticing the new phonet driver. This driver supports Linux kernel phonet (introduced in 2.6.28) and cdc_phonet (introduced in 2.6.30) modules. To use it place connection=phonet into the config file and you won't need to blacklist these modules anymore. Windows binary packages to come shortly.

   gnokii 0.6.29 by Pawel Kot on 2010-04-23
New gnokii version is now available. It brings major bugfixes in the encoding engine (especially for SMS and concatenated SMS) and in Nokia Series40 support. There are still some problems remaining which will be addressed in the next release.
This version also changes the default location of the config file to be compatible with standards. Now gnokii will try to read the config from $HOME/.config/gnokii/config. If you have $HOME/.gnokiirc it will be still valid but with lower priority.
This version may not compile with Windows. If you can help up with that it is appreciated.
Upgrade is highly recommended.

   Switch: CVS to GIT by Pawel Kot on 2009-06-30
gnokii sources are now available in git repository. See the details on our git page.

   gnokii 0.6.16 by Pawel Kot on 2007-05-11
gnokii 0.6.16 fixes compilation problems on Solaris (and probably other non-Linux unices) and Windows.

   gnokii 0.6.15 by Pawel Kot on 2007-05-07
gnokii 0.6.15 is finally out. Highlights of the release contain support of new Nokia phones extended fields (unfortunately writing them back does not work yet), fixes of some nasty segfaults, fixes of the SMS encoding for the Chinese locale, better Samsung support for the AT driver. Please download and give it a try!

   gnokii 0.6.14 by Pawel Kot on 2006-08-29
New gnokii version is out. Main features of this release are: --config and --phone options for gnokii allowing to choose config file and phone section and WAP Push support. Also there are many bugfixes and improvements. See ChangeLog for the details.

   gnokii 0.6.13 by Pawel Kot on 2006-06-18
gnokii 0.6.13 is a brand new gnokii version. It contains many bugfixes and enhancements. The highlights are new libusb driver for DKU2 cables (no need to compile a kernel driver) and improvements in libgnokii API (it should be much more convinient for third party apps developers right now).

   gnokii 0.6.12 by Pawel Kot on 2006-03-11
gnokii 0.6.12 fixes the problem with xgnokii segfault on startup when gnokii-artwork is not installed.

   New version of GSMI and GSMD-Gnokii by Pawel Kot on 2006-03-05
Konstantinos Agouros announced new version of GSMI and GSMD-Gnokii Perl modules. This is the version of the module supporting 0.6.x gnokii series. Users are encouraged to test it and report problems to Konstantinos and gnokii-users mailing list.

   gnokii 0.6.11 by Pawel Kot on 2006-02-16
Next gnokii release is out. It was quite long time of development so many changes were done. Highlights of this release contain updates to calendar support (additional fields like end time are handled), virtual IrCOMM driver support, various updates to gnokii, misc fixes to nk6510 and at drivers. We removed hardcoded list of the irda phone names to be detected. Now gnokii should autodetect the phone, if not you can specify the name in the config file.

   gnokii 0.6.9 by Pawel Kot on 2005-10-20
After quite a long while there's a new gnokii release out. Main reason for releasing this version is support for file operations for Nokia 6610i and family and fixes to DKU-2 driver. The next release with numerous bugfixes should come very soon.

   Wiki site estabilished by Pawel Kot on 2005-07-07
Gnokii wiki site has been estabilished. You are very welcome to contribute to the site. Currently there's no content there, just the rough guidelines, what I'd like to see there.

   Website updates by Pawel Kot on 2005-05-26
The website is slightly refreshed. And by the way: new gnokii version is 0.6.7.

   gnokii 0.6.5 by Pawel Kot on 2005-04-29
Brand new gnokii 0.6.5 is out. It contains really many improvements since the previous one. Among them you will notice the filesystem options, DKU2 cable support with the kernel driver, better phonebook and calendar output, possibility to disable the retransmission policy, enhancements to the gnapplet driver. See our download page for the source locations.

Note that this version still has problem with FBUS connection over IrDA on Linux with some phones. These were identified as Nokia Series 40 v1. See more details at

Note also that gnokii changed the default behaviour with regard to the retransmission policy. It is disabled by default. If gnokii timeouts frequently consider enabling it. Do it by setting sm_retry = 1 in the config file in the [global] section.

   gnokiifs by Pawel Kot on 2005-01-05
Happy New Year :-). As a gift Ed Rosten prepared gnokiifs, a Linux filesystem based on Coda and gnokii allowing to access the phone storage (where possible) as an usual Linux filesystem (Linux 2.6 is supported). The supported operations are file browsing, creation, deletion, reading and writing. The tested phone is just 7600 so far. You can grab the sources from Ed's page, but you can expect them in gnokii CVS and FTP.

   gnokii 0.6.3 by Pawel Kot on 2004-07-05
gnokii 0.6.3 fixes some problems with compilation on MSVC.

   gnokii 0.6.2 by Pawel Kot on 2004-07-03
gnokii 0.6.2 is released containing many bugfixes. This release should build cleanly on Linux, Windows (cygwin and MSVC), FreeBSD and OpenBSD operating system. Probably it will build also on Solaris and Mac OS X. This version introduces IrDA support for win32 environment. Since the previous version (0.6.1) gnokii provides connectivity with Symbian based phones via gnapplet driver and gnapplet Symbian application. Sources for gnapplet are available from the same localization as gnokii.

   gnocky by Pawel Kot on 2004-03-16
Igor Popik released first public version of gnocky, gtk2-based gnokii frontend. Still in beta version but already nice looking and user friendly, supports phonebook, sms and logos handling. There are also basic phone and network informations available. You can see some screenshots.

   gnokii 0.5.10 by Pawel Kot on 2004-02-01
gnokii 0.5.10 is out containing numerous bugfixes, new features (namely --deletephonebook option in gnokii cli) and documentation updates.

   IrDA connection problems - update by Pawel Kot on 2004-01-20
DON'T USE GNOKII < 0.5.9 WITH NOKIA 6100, model = 6100 AND connection = irda SETTINGS. THIS CONFIGURATION IS KNOWN TO BREAK THE PHONE. The latest gnokii release, 0.5.9, disables support for this model. You can still use model = AT setting. Many more improvements were made with this release.

   IrDA connection problems by Pawel Kot on 2004-01-10
gnokii seems to have serious problems with Nokia 6100. Please don't use gnokii with this phone currently as it may break your phone. If we won't have fix till next gnokii version, gnokii will refuse working with this model set in the config. We are very sorry because of this situation.

   gnokii 0.5.7 by Pawel Kot on 2003-12-15
gnokii 0.5.7 is released. Main feature is Bluetooth support for MacOS X and FreeBSD platforms. You will find also many bugfixes and updates and some new features in there. Check out the ChangeLog contained in the package for more detailes. Grab the tarball from the mirror as main ftp site ( is currently down.

   savannah compromised by Pawel Kot on 2003-12-10
Due to savannah servers being compromise, gnokii development is a bit stopped, but you can expect 0.5.7 release as soon as savannah services are again functional.

   gnokii 0.5.6 by Pawel Kot on 2003-12-09
Current gnokii release is 0.5.6. Hopefully information about new updates will appear more frequently. See the ChangeLog to see the list of changes.

   gnokii 0.5.0 by Pawel Kot on 2003-05-12
gnokii 0.5.0 is released with just a few fixes since the latest release candidate. See the downloads section for the available sources. The most imporant things in this release contain: Bluetooth support, better portability, many fixes and improvements in the phone drivers and new API for the external applications.

   oplogos collection by Pawel Kot on 2002-09-09
Vidar Madsen created and collected a few nice operator logos that may be saved to your Nokia phone with gnokii. You can also find there gnokii-specific logos. Vidar is also the author of the ppm2nokia script that is currently included in gnokii sources.

   gnokii 0.4.3 rpms by Pawel Kot on 2002-09-09
gnokii 0.4.3 rpm packages for Red Hat are available at last. Thanks go to Hugo Monteiro, who kindly offered to take care of gnokii rpm packages. Have fun.

   gnokii 0.4.3 by Pawel Kot on 2003-08-05
gnokii 0.4.3 brings more improvements to nk6510 driver. Some new functionality for the nk6100 driver and minor updates for the nk7110 driver. Misc fixes and updates to gnokii/xgnokii. Namely "TODO list" support. SMSD supports now drivers handling SMS folders. Few internal changes.

   gnokii 0.4.2a by Pawel Kot on 2002-07-23
gnokii 0.4.2a fixed the type in the Makefile that causes error on the make run. It is harmless, but if you are scared with this error and can't fix it on your own -- upgrade.

   gnokii 0.4.2 by Pawel Kot on 2002-07-23
gnokii 0.4.2 is now the current version. Again, mainly nk6510 driver updates: almost complete SMS support and DLR3P cable support. Read the ChangeLog and README-6510 for more detailes. sendsms now recognizes the unicode message. Many other fixes and updates. Nokia 7190 is known to work with gnokii.

   gnokii 0.4.1 by Pawel Kot on 2002-07-14
New gnokii release - 0.4.1 is out. This release contains many updates to nk6510 driver. Markus Plail put really many efforts to get it into the shape. The second main feature is allowing user to define own SMS send timeout. See Docs/sample/gnokiirc to see how update your config file. Download at usual places. Please test and report success and bugs.

   gnokii 0.4.0 by Pawel Kot on 2002-07-10
gnokii 0.4.0 is finally out! This is the beginning of the new gnokii development series. New drivers were added: nk7110, nk6510 and at. Not only Nokia phones, but also AT-compatible phones are supported. See the release notes for more detailes and the downloads page for information on getting gnokii.

   gnokii 0.3.5 by Pawel Kot on 2002-04-11
gnokii 0.3.5 is a maintenance release. It fixes a pseudo terminal handling problem in gnokiid introduced in 0.3.4 release. If you're using an older release don't forget to upgrade! Versions before 0.3.4 contain a serious security hole.

   Project development moved to savannah by Pawel Kot on 2002-03-30
We moved our development to savannah. Thanks to the Samba Team for the assistance with CVS and other things.

   gnokii 0.4.0pre15 by Pawel Kot on 2002-03-25
New milestone 0.4.0pre15 is released. You may be interested in this as it contains really a lot of bugfixes, adds initial support for Nokia 6510, 6310 (driver authored by Markus Plail) and 3360 phones and contains some win32 build fixes.

   Vulnerability in mgnokiidev by Pawel Kot on 2002-02-14
A security bug was found in gnokii. If you are using gnokiid/mgnokiidev in a multiuser environment you are strongly recommended to upgrade to at least 0.3.4 or 0.4.0pre13

Vunerability description

Mgnokiidev is an util application that grants write permission to a pseudoterminal device for the gnokii group and creates /dev/gnokii symlink to that device. To be able to do it mgnokiidev should be installed suidroot. Mgnokiidev received one and only one argument: the device name. As mgnokiidev did not check what the target file is, anyone, who could run mgnokiidev (in the default install -- anyone from the gnokii group), could gain a write access to any file in the filesystem (including /etc/shadow, /dev/hda, /dev/kmem, etc). To prevent such situation we decided to rewrite mgnokiidev. In the former solution mgnokiidev knew only the device name that it should operate on -- the name was determined by some other application. Now mgnokiidev does more: it opens the pseudoterminal and gets its name on its own. Then it sets the right permissions to the device and creates /dev/gnokii symlink to it. Note, that now it's impossible to set permissions to an arbitrary file. Finally, mgnokiidev writes through an unix socket the file (pseudoterminal device) descriptor to the caller application.

   Daily CVS snapshots by Pawel Kot on 2002-01-07
Daily CVS snapshots are available from and its mirror.

   Gnokii::GSM 0.8.1 by Pawel Kot on 2001-10-25
Bugfixes and cleanups in new Gnokii::GSM module version 0.8.1, released by Konstantinos Agouros and Gaby Vanhegan.

   gnokii 0.3.3 win32 binaries by Pawel Kot on 2001-10-25
There is new gnokii 0.3.3 binary version for Windows compiled by Feico de Boer using Cygwin available at

   Gnokii::GSM 0.8.0 by Pawel Kot on 2001-10-18
Konstantinos Agouros has finished and put Gnokii::GSM 0.8.0 perl module for gnokii 0.3.3 at

   gnokii 0.3.3 by Pawel Kot on 2001-09-27
Gnokii 0.3.3 is released. This release is designed for 6110 and compatible, and 3810 and compatible users. Go to the download section for the detailes. If your phone is not supported by gnokii 0.3.3 you can try out the CVS version (but be careful with it) or (preferably :-]) help us in developing support for your phone.

   New website by Pawel Kot on 2001-02-07
New website is up.

Old news is here

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