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Old News

Here is a copy of the old news pages in case you're curious.


  • Work on 5160/6160/6185 phonebook support is progressing, code is in CVS if you're curious. Note that it's not ready for mainstream use yet :)
  • Version 0.3.2 has been released. This is the first public release of gnokii with data call support.
  • Put up a page of screenshots
  • We have data calls! Thanks largely to the efforts of Pavel and Chris we have made successful data calls on both the 6110 and 3810 series phones. There is still some work to be done but this is a great step forward. Code is in CVS for those that want to tinker prior to the next release.
  • The gnokii CVS repository has been moved to and a major restructure of the source tree completed. Our thanks to the Czech Linux Users Group for hosting the original respoitory and to the Samba team for making space available for the new one.
  • Version 0.3.1 has been released. This is an interim release primarily to bring the released code into line with what is in CVS. ftp. http.
  • Version 0.3.0 is out which adds a lot of 6110 functionality, a bit more 3810 series functionality, an initial release of our x client and fixes some bugs too. No data calls just yet but we now have a rudimentary AT emulator running through /dev/gnokii... ftp. http.
  • We now have a database running where users of gnokii can register. The purpose of the database is to get some idea of how many people are interested in, or using gnokii, and what these people do with it.
  • This was actually announced on the mailing list some months back but it was pointed out that nothing had appeared here in the news section. Anyway - have a look back in the "The Protocol" section of the main page and you'll see there is an update with details of possible support from Nokia. Whilst nothing is confirmed as yet it's nice to see that Nokia are being progressive in their approach to Open Source projects.
  • Version 0.2.5 is out which amongst other changes provides support for SMS on the 6110 series... ftp. http.
  • 6110 SMS support is undergoing tests and looking very promising, code is in CVS. We're heading towards a release of 0.2.5 later this week.
  • Even more logos added.
  • Merger of the 3810 and 6110 projects was completed today and moved to the new website.
  • In the search for a logo for the project, we stared a logo design contest.

To give something of a "historical" (ancient) perspective, particularly to the 3110/3810/8110 aspects of the project, the old news pages are available here.

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