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Current gnokii version: 0.6.31
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Mailing List

There is a mailing list devoted to the gnokii project for both new users and people interested in development.

You can subscribe to the list at To unsubscribe go to the same address.

Archives of the list can be viewed at savannah. You may want to use also the other searchable archive available at You can also read the list via NNTP interface at gmane. The old archives are not available at the moment but we are working on this issue.


You are very welcome to #gnokii at Feel free to ask there your questions. If you don't get the answer immediately, don't worry and patiently wait until someone answers. The channel is low volume and it may take a while until someone notices your question.

Bugzilla and other

There's savannah infractructure to use. Please use bug tracking system there. It is always wise to send a copy of the bug to the mailing list. If no developer can take care of the bug, maybe some users can help. Using bug tracking system has the advantage that your submission won't be forgotten.

You may also want to use patch manager and tech support manager on savannah but preferred way is a mail to gnokii-ml.

Remember that you need to include some basic information in the bug report in order to have it useful. The following information is a must:

  • Your config file (either $HOME/.gnokiirc or /etc/gnokiirc or $HOMEDRIVE\$HOMEPATH\_gnokiirc on Windows systems).
  • Phone model and connection type (these information is also in the config file, but please provide more detailed information than model = AT or connection = serial).
  • Gnokii version (gnokii --version will tell it) and how did you get it (binary package, source tarball compiled, git sources compiled).
  • In most cases the debug output is needed; turn debugging on using:
    debug = on
    settings in the config file. Take the debug output from (x)gnokii(d) [parameters] 2>errfile and send it to the mailing list.
  • Remember to read the FAQ and browse submitted bugs before submitting. We prefer using our bugzilla than distribution bugzilla unless the problem is really about the way the package was prepared.
  • If you want to debug yourself, by default the git version adds -g to CFLAGS when generating and the defines needed to print debug messages when generating include/config.h then in your gnokiirc set debug=on to see messages about libgnokii or gnokii and xdebug=on to see messages about xgnokii or smsd.

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