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Current gnokii version: 0.6.31
One time support for gnokii:


Our primary download server with all the stuff along with the old versions:

There's also rsync access for this repository at:

There are also some official mirror sites:

There are binary packages for win32 prepared by Jari Turkia available at

and equivalent mirror site location. Debian (unstable) packages are usually up-to-date in the mainstream repository.

You can download also automatically generated current GIT snapshots from

If you are Ubuntu user, you can take advantage of PPA repository with up-to-date, bleeding-edge gnokii versions

You can download daily GIT snapshots compiled for Fedora 10, RHEL5, SuSE 11.0, SuSE 11.1 and win32 from

thanks to Jari Turkia again.

There are also other gnokii related projects hosted at the same servers. These are:

  • gnapplet, driver for Symbian based phones for gnokii communication by BORBELY Zoltan,
  • gnocky, gnokii front-end originally written in GTK2 by Igor Popik,
  • gnokiifs, CODA filesystem as a frontend to libgnokii file operations by Ed Rosten.

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