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Current gnokii version: 0.6.31
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If you like gnokii and you would like to support gnokii team you've come to the right place.

To make a donation click 'Make a Donation' button below. All donations will be published below. If you want to be anonymous, please note it in the donation notes.

Please note that donating is not a way to buy implementation of some new gnokii functionality. We still do it for fun, not for money. We much appreciate the donation but we can't offer anything in exchange for it other than an assurance we'll use it to make gnokii better.

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We would like to thank the following persons and companies for donating us something (a phone in most cases) and letting us to improve gnokii.

Linux Solutions, PB 158, 65101 Vaasa, FinlandNokia 6610i and usb cable (dku-5)
Olivier KaloudoffNokia 5510 with serial cable
Pawel MoszumanskiNokia 9210
MicroPROGEL di donation
Andrew Pantyukhinmoney donation
Jose Luciano Napolitanomoney donation
Fergus Incoronatomoney donation
Gustavo Delfinomoney donation
Developer's Homemoney donation

If you would like to donate us but having problem using PayPal, please contact us directly. If you have spare mobile phone, make sure you contact us!

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