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GIT access to gnokii source

The source of gnokii applications is in the git server. If you are already familiar with git, clone the main repository (containing libgnokii, gnokii, xgnokii and smsd) with:

  pkot@bzzzt:~$ git clone git://

and, optionally, the other repositories with:

  # Applet for Symbian phones
  pkot@bzzzt:~$ git clone git://
  # Alternate GUI
  pkot@bzzzt:~$ git clone git://
  # Optional graphic files
  pkot@bzzzt:~$ git clone git://
  # Additional programs and language bindings
  pkot@bzzzt:~$ git clone git://
  # CODA file system
  pkot@bzzzt:~$ git clone git://
  # KDE Address Book synchronization
  pkot@bzzzt:~$ git clone git://
  # Zaurus frontend
  pkot@bzzzt:~$ git clone git://

If you are not familiar with git, don't worry. It's very simple. Just install the git package for your distribution and follow these steps:

  1. Open your favorite shell, cd to the directory that will contain the gnokii directory and execute this command:
      pkot@bzzzt:~$ git clone --depth 1 git://

    this creates a 'gnokii' directory in which the sources and other needed files are downloaded; the --depth 1 argument creates a shallow clone which is slightly smaller and quicker to download (it is adequate for compiling but has some limitations, omit it if you want the full history, see man git-clone for details).

    In future you can update to the latest sources running the following command from inside the 'gnokii' directory:

      pkot@bzzzt:~/gnokii$ git pull
  2. There are other programs available in the gnokii repository that you can get in a similar way (see above for addresses) each in a different directory, NOT inside 'gnokii' If you prefer, there is a WWW interface to the git server at

If, for some reason, you cannot deal with git, there's still available tarball with the most recent gnokii sourcs version from git.

Once you have the sources, you will need to run the following commands

  pkot@bzzzt:~/gnokii$ libtoolize -c -f
  pkot@bzzzt:~/gnokii$ glib-gettextize -f -c
  pkot@bzzzt:~/gnokii$ intltoolize --force --copy --automake
  pkot@bzzzt:~/gnokii$ aclocal -I m4/
  pkot@bzzzt:~/gnokii$ autoheader -I m4/
  pkot@bzzzt:~/gnokii$ automake --add-missing
  pkot@bzzzt:~/gnokii$ autoconf
  pkot@bzzzt:~/gnokii$ ./configure
  pkot@bzzzt:~/gnokii$ make
  pkot@bzzzt:~/gnokii$ ./
  pkot@bzzzt:~/gnokii$ make

Please note that at this stage you may need many development tools including: gcc, make, autoconf, automake, libtool, development versions of certain libraries (usually packages have -dev suffix). The names of the packages differ between various Linux distributions (and obviously operating systems). If you don't have them before running the commands above you'll get into errors. Once everything is installed, start the process from the beginning.

to build the sources. is the shell script prepared to make all the magic gettext/automake/autoconf stuff for you.

Now you are on your own - you have the current sources on your disk in the directory gnokii. If you are going to make substantial changes and feel that they should be included into gnokii please mention it on the list first to avoid duplicated effort.

Here is the bunch of usefull commands when dealing with git, however it is higly recommended to refer to some git tutorial before dealing with it.

  # Remember to set your name and email which will show up in git logs
  pkot@bzzzt:~/gnokii$ git config --global "Foo Bar"
  pkot@bzzzt:~/gnokii$ git config --global
  # Commit changes you did to the local tree
  pkot@bzzzt:~/gnokii$ git commit [options]
  # Get the changes from the master repository and reapply the changes
  # against it. It may cause conflicts which are to be manually fixed.
  pkot@bzzzt:~/gnokii$ git pull --rebase
  # Push the changes against the master repository. Just for developers!
  pkot@bzzzt:~/gnokii$ git push
  # Prepare patch to be sent to the mailing list
  pkot@bzzzt:~/gnokii$ git format-patch

If you would like to receive email when updates are made to the git repository, subscribe to gnokii-commit mailing list at

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